Energy is changing

The planet is transitioning from an old 3rd dimensional energy into a new multidimensional energy. All this while, human consciousness was living in what is called 3D reality. As we know, change is a constant factor in life. Evolution is an ongoing process.Thought is a very powerful energy. Every thought we think becomes part of a collective consciousness of the planet. There is a common saying, if a butterfly flaps its wings in India, it can cause a hurricane in Canada. Every action creates a reaction within us and around us, as we all live in an energy field of consciousness. If we do not understand this power, it does not mean that it does not exist. Awareness of these processes helps to change your perceptions, to become better and more responsible to your own self and to those around you.

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What is the mind? Why does it matter? From birth through death we live from and are governed by the processes or functioning of the mind. It is the very fulcrum around which our lives revolve , we are ruled by our beliefs that we gather through education and upbringing, our experiences.

Mind is a storehouse of all our experiences assimilated over several lifetimes.

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We are a part of the creative source. The creative source is within us. It is a part of us. Our concept of God is misunderstood and blindly followed for eons, because man loves to live in boxes and be comfortable in it. This lack of knowledge creates a sense of fear of the unknown. We only fear that which we do not understand. Let me explain with this simple question…..Do you really know WHO you are? Your response may be ….. Of Course I Know who I am…..My Name is X. Correct! but do you know where did your personality emanate from? Why are you partly like your Mother and partly like your Father and have a bit of uncle or grandmother’s trait and some that are uniquely just yours? Where did this personality called X come from? From the moment we rise in the morning our thinking process starts automatically…..have you ever wondered where do these thoughts come from? Or what is this mind? Yet 24/7 we use it without even understanding it. Why? Because we fear to get this knowledge. We fear it will digress from our path of everyday living. Questioning life itself is a discomforting thought.

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Reconnective Healing

Energy — is a power to do work that produces light, heat, or motion…… dictionary explanation of this word.
Energy is what binds us, makes us exist and is all around us in many different forms. What we see, what we do, is all based on energy. We sense it, we feel it in many ways. We want to measure it’s vibrations, quantify it….sometimes we can and most of the times we can’t — because our science has still not discovered the tools where we can “see” or measure energy. Energy, like gravity, till this date has no instrument with which it can be seen or measured. Yet it governs our life! As also the magnetic field around us.

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