We are a part of the creative source. The creative source is within us. It is a part of us. Our concept of God is misunderstood and blindly followed for eons, because man loves to live in boxes and be comfortable in it. This lack of knowledge creates a sense of fear of the unknown. We only fear that which we do not understand. Let me explain with this simple question…..Do you really know WHO you are? Your response may be ….. Of Course I Know who I am…..My Name is X. Correct! but do you know where did your personality emanate from? Why are you partly like your Mother and partly like your Father and have a bit of uncle or grandmother’s trait and some that are uniquely just yours? Where did this personality called X come from? From the moment we rise in the morning our thinking process starts automatically…..have you ever wondered where do these thoughts come from? Or what is this mind? Yet 24/7 we use it without even understanding it. Why? Because we fear to get this knowledge. We fear it will digress from our path of everyday living. Questioning life itself is a discomforting thought.

Thought is THE most powerful energy. Our world emanates from thoughts. Our likes, dislikes, love, hatred all emerge from thoughts. If you think of a lemon, automatically your mouth will water. If you see a picture of blood you feel repulsion. So thoughts govern our lives and yet we give it no attention. When your thoughts are positive your energy levels are high, a negative person is always grumbling of pain or discomfort and has low energy. We are drawn to happy people and prefer to stay away from the sceptical.

Every Dis-ease in our body arises from the outcome of our collective thoughts. What I am telling you is all esoteric, there is no machine to prove it just like that there is no machine to prove gravity or measure emotions of love. So if what I’m saying does not resonate with you, please feel free to shut this page and move on.

If you are able to be aware of your thoughts, you will be in a better position to monitor your life. Do not suppress thoughts and be a hypocrite to yourself, as we are told never to do this or that, and then we suppress our true feelings or disappointments which gradually starts to manifest in our emotions as anger, resentment and further, if not addressed, blocks our energy bodies of our chakras. When we continue to ignore this, the dis-ease finally manifests in our body as a disease. The body is really yelling at you to address the issue. Due to our ignorance we turn to the hardware specialist for our software problem!

We are a product of our own collective experiences stored in our vast consciousness which we call our sub-conscious mind, or un-conscious mind. It is the storehouse of all our experiences here on Earth. It is 90% of our personality. I am not here to change your belief system, just opening up a reality seldom ventured into. We are a product of our past, accumulating experiences in the present, to form our future personality. We are simultaneously living in all three states in the NOW at all times.

I chanced upon an interesting article in the Times of India Newspaper, Speaking Tree section. The headline shouts “Nine-Tenths of Your Mind Is In Darkness” by Osho. He says:
“The ultimate journey in life is to become fully aware of our own potentials and deal with the enemy within which is our darkness, our ignorance. We have to make our unconscious full of light! No nook or corner should be left without light. Only one-tenth of our mind is conscious, nine tenths is in darkness, deep darkness. We are like an iceberg: one-tenths shows up, nine-tenths is hidden underneath-and that nine-tenths is NINE TIMES MORE POWERFUL!!”

So to truly make ourselves happy and light hearted from within we need to address what makes us uncomfortable. We have reactions to our actions deeply entrenched in our inner psyche which unknowingly governs your present state of mind. We may have fears, phobias, relationship issues, deep rooted and uncontrollable anger and so on and so forth. Sometimes we feel stuck in life, we lose our sense of purpose, relationships allude you and many, many unknown problems are there that need to be addressed to be completely free of what you may attribute to Karma or Destiny…..words we really do not even remotely understand.

By addressing our issues or problems we can

Prevent nearly all chronic diseases by addressing the source or root cause of it.

Bring balance in your emotional Experiences

Spirtually Evolve through personal experiences.

And much more

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