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  • Anu Kulkarni


Mrs. Anu Kulkarni


|Only a Desire to Change can bring Balance into Your Life !

I owe my interest in spirituality to my Mother. As a student I would always find books of gurus from across India lying around in the house which I used to randomly read. So somewhere at the back of my mind this interest remained in a dormant form.

I kept reading about detachment, meditation, moksh ……. but was curious to learn what were the meanings of these words. Thus began my spiritual quest.

In 2002 stumbled on an interesting course in Hypnotherapy that led to satiating my curiosity on the mysteries of the mind. . Before I knew it, I had become a Hypnotherapist and Teacher of Hypnotherapy from The California Institute Of Hypnosis  tutored by Dr. Sunny Satin.

Over the following years helped many clients solve various issues, each more interesting and unusual than the next. Past life Regression is like a movie unfolding in every case.

Have also been involved in running my own Marketing business of Ayurveda products alongside these Healing sessions.

Currently also a  Reconnective Energy Healthcare Practitioner.


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