Reconnective Healing

Energy — is a power to do work that produces light, heat, or motion…… dictionary explanation of this word.
Energy is what binds us, makes us exist and is all around us in many different forms. What we see, what we do, is all based on energy. We sense it, we feel it in many ways. We want to measure it’s vibrations, quantify it….sometimes we can and most of the times we can’t — because our science has still not discovered the tools where we can “see” or measure energy. Energy, like gravity, till this date has no instrument with which it can be seen or measured. Yet it governs our life! As also the magnetic field around us.

Our consciousness is constantly interacting with energy around us. There are two sets of the greatest energy producers. On one side of the spectrum is “Hatred” and “Fear” and on the other side is “Love” and “Compassion”. They are both extremely powerful. They can crash your computer, create war and terror or soften your heart and make the world a better place to live in peace, joy, harmony and benevolence! They can affect your chemistry and they can do it from across the room. Have you ever sat in a room where somebody was angry? You can actually feel it and you don’t want to stay there, you just want to leave. You sense their energy and its dark! You feel so uncomfortable. On the other hand, a person with a loving or jovial nature is so comfortable, you are automatically drawn to them. There is so much warmth and ease sharing your space with them. When you are in the company of great Masters or Gurus you sense so much Love! Their compassion envelopes you and you just want to stay in their presence. It could be the loving company of your parents, grandparents, friends, lovers…..you just don’t want to leave! Low consciousness carries as much power as High consciousness.

Humans consciousness is 7 – 8 metres in diameter around our body. This energy is called many different names of Chit Shakti, or The Field or The Merkabah. When you go to a party or function you are sometimes drawn towards some people and do not like to go talk to some at the event. Why is it so? This happens when your energy field is not in sync with the energy field of the person you do not want to meet and vibrates in resonance with the person you feel drawn to, even though you have never met these people before!

Our energy fields around us, need attention, to be in a state of Balance and equanimity. Reconnective Healing techniques has benefits beyond our conscious understanding. With this technique “Your Healing may come in a form you anticipate….or it may come in a form you haven’t even dreamed of, one that the universe has designed for you “ — Dr Eric Pearl, founder of The Reconnective Healing Technique.
This experience gives you access to an inner awareness that promotes a sense of wellbeing, strength, brainpower, emotional stability and physical vitality.

The power to move towards light or darkness is in our hands and I wish your path be always in the Light!

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