• Ms Priti H

    The session was very interesting as many past issues emerged and a felt like you were touching me although I know that you had not. But the touch felt very comforting and bought me peace I felt as if I was getting in touch with my inner self. Many Thanks!

  • Mr. G. Shah

    I felt a very soothing release of pain in my legs with the Reconnection Healing. I hope to visit you soon for more sessions

  • Mita Vashist

    My relationship issues with my in laws automatically resolved when I saw my connection with them in the past.I know now that living separately would only postpone my karmic resolution with them.

  • Sunita Gomes

    Your website-- clean site, calming colors, a lot of information! I have been going through it and knew nothing before. What an eye opener Anu!! You are doing something incredible for our world....

  • Sujata Pendse

    For many years I had a constant nagging pain in my neck, Just experiencing the life where this pain originated from helped me get healed completely. I did this Regression eight years ago and till today I have never had this pain again

  • Mrs. M. Sadrangani

    Thanks very much for an amazing experience. I felt so peaceful and never imagined that a past life regression can be so comforting. It was surprising to find out why I had such a liking for cheese!" A client was a chef in Switzerland in that particular Lifetime.

  • Anita Hirani

    I have benefitted immensely with the Reconnective Healing session with Anu. It was enriching and energising. The hypnotherapy enabled me to understand the root of my fear. Since then it has helped me to overcome them.”

  • Kiran Chadha

    I enjoyed the Reconnective Healing. I definitely felt that my back pain had reduced on the first day itself and within a week the pain had completely disappeared!